Introduction to truss robots


A truss robot belongs to the Cartesian coordinate robot, by using the XYZ coordinate system, adjust the workpiece position, to realize the motion of the workpiece, its main role is to carry objects, tools, complete assignments, fast and accurate, meet the needs of machine tool production line
Truss robot using the integrated processing technology, suitable for machine tools, production line loading and unloading, workpiece flip, workpiece rotating sequence, and the high precision positioning tool clamping system provides a standard interface for robot automatic processing, ensure high precision, high efficiency and consistency of mass products.
The truss robot is mainly composed of a multi-dimensional robot walking shaft, and the walking shaft of the robot is composed of heavy load aluminum profile, roller linear guide and servo motor. As the motion vector of heavy aluminum frame and its section shape through the finite element analysis method to optimize the design, production of precision and lean for its strength and straightness. The roller V type guide rail is used as the moving guide rail. The motion transmission mechanism adopts synchronous belt, gear rack or ball screw. Kangdao truss robot technology adoption profiles or steel as the main frame, with linear sliding guide and rack gear and other components, as refined profile moving frame and carrier of the section shape through the finite element analysis method to optimize the design, production of lean for its strength and precision and straightness. All kinds of rails have been applied in many fields for many years, and they have reached the world optimum in terms of reliability, noise reduction, carrying capacity, maintenance free and overall performance.
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